Is Julien’s Jewelry really Handmade?

Yes! Hand made jewelry is jewelry that is made by hand. In a hand made piece of jewelry all materials must be shaped formed and assembled. Machine powered cutters, drills, and lathes can be used as long as they are operated manually, and guided by the artisan’s hands.

How Do I Figure Out My Ring Size?

Download and print our easy sizing guide (make sure to print at 100% size) and match the inside of your ring to a circle on the guide. Make sure your ring fits just outside the circle.

How to take good care of my jewel ? 

Are you in love with your jewel? We believe you are and we want to help you keep it alive for as long as possible. Here are some recommendations to take good care of it: Silver jewels oxidises naturally with air and humidity. You can keep the silver shiny, by removing the oxidation with a special cloth. If you are not wearing your jewel, keep it in a closed bag that protects it from air, this will delay the oxidation process. The patina of rose gilded silver jewels tends to disappear over time and the speed of its disappearance depends on the way in which the jewellery is cared for. Avoid contact with perfumes, make-up and even water. Loss of patina is a normal phenomenon from wear and tear. We know that you want to wear your jewel every day and every night, but we suggest taking it off and leaving it on your bedside table at night!

Can I use my old gold ?

Yes, we can always use your old gold to make a new creation. We will melt or exchange your gold to create the piece of jewelry you have been dreaming of. You supply the gold, and you pay only for our labor and refining fees, Whatever materials are not used will be returned to you when you pick up your new jewelry. create a magnificent new piece of jewelry just for you.

What diamonds does JULIEN use?
JULIEN only offers 100% natural & culture diamonds. This means no treated, artificial or clarity intensified diamonds. The diamonds we select are high quality and offer the greatest brilliance in proportion to their cost. We select the diamonds SI1 score on the purity scale, and have a F, G or H colour.

Terms of delivery 

Once you approved of the stone and the ring specifications, the ring will take another 2-4 weeks to be crafted from scratch. Hence, the whole process takes about 6 weeks on average.

Delivery: 6 weeks


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