Is Julien’s Jewelry truly Handcrafted?

Absolutely! Handcrafted jewelry embodies the artistry and skill of artisanal creation. Each piece is meticulously shaped, formed, and assembled by hand. While machine-powered tools such as cutters, drills, and lathes may be utilized, they are always guided by the artisan’s hands, ensuring a personal touch and attention to detail.

How Can I Determine My Ring Size?

Simply download and print our convenient sizing guide (ensuring it's printed at 100% size), then match the inside of your ring to a corresponding circle on the guide. Ensure your ring fits snugly just outside the circle for an accurate measurement.

How Can I Properly Care for My Jewelry?

Treasure your jewelry as much as we do? We want to help you preserve its beauty for years to come. Here are some tips to ensure its longevity: Silver jewelry naturally oxidizes with exposure to air and humidity. Maintain its shine by gently removing oxidation with a specialized cloth. When not wearing your jewelry, store it in a sealed bag to protect it from air, delaying the oxidation process. Rose gold-plated silver jewelry may lose its patina over time, depending on care. Avoid contact with perfumes, makeup, and water to preserve its luster. Loss of patina is normal with regular wear, but to extend its life, we recommend removing it before bedtime and placing it on your bedside table.

Can I Repurpose My Old Gold?

Absolutely! We can transform your old gold into a stunning new creation. Whether melting it down or exchanging it, we'll craft the jewelry piece you've been dreaming of. You provide the gold, and you'll only pay for our labor and refining fees. Any unused materials will be returned to you upon collection of your new jewelry, ensuring a bespoke creation tailored just for you.

What Diamonds Does JULIEN Utilize?

JULIEN exclusively offers natural and cultured diamonds, eschewing treated, artificial, or clarity-enhanced diamonds. Our selected diamonds are of impeccable quality, boasting exceptional brilliance relative to their cost. We carefully choose diamonds with an VS1 score on the purity scale, ensuring a range of D, E or F color grades.

Terms of Delivery

Once you've approved the stone and ring specifications, crafting the ring from scratch will take an additional 2-4 weeks. Therefore, the entire process typically spans about 6 weeks on average.


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