Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift? Whether you’re looking to surprise them for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas then why not treat them to a gift card from JULIEN?

If you know they love jewellery but aren’t sure if they want a ring, earrings or a necklace; then gifts cards are a great choice because they’ll be able to choose what they want. Plus, if you’re in a rush, a gift card is an excellent last-minute present.

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When can I expect to receive my voucher?

Upon successful payment processing, you will promptly receive an email confirmation containing your unique voucher code.

What can I purchase with it?

Our gift voucher extends its validity to all items within our collection, both in-store and online. Additionally, you can use it to craft bespoke, tailor-made jewelry.

How long is the voucher valid?

Your gift voucher remains valid for a duration of two years from the date of purchase. As an added bonus, upon acquiring a gift voucher, you will periodically receive exclusive offers for our exquisite jewelry.

How do I redeem the voucher?

In your order confirmation email, you’ll find a personalized gift voucher code. Simply utilize this code when placing an order on

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