The Remember Ring

JULIEN is a master artisan who specializes in crafting exquisite jewelry infused with the essence of cherished memories.

Our team of highly skilled designers handcraft each ring, delicately incorporating every minute grain of cremation ashes into a stunning work of art.



Unique memorial jewellery for your loved ones cremated ashes.

Plain wedding bands with ash.  All handmade in our workshop.

Cremation ashes ring totally handmade from solid gold and cremation ashes.



Elevate the memory of your loved ones with our one-of-a-kind memorial jewelry, meticulously crafted from their cremated ashes.

Discover the timeless elegance of our hand-designed diamond rings, each intricately made in our artisan workshop.

These exquisite rings are created with the utmost care, handcrafted from solid gold and blended with the ashes of your cherished ones, resulting in a truly unique and meaningful keepsake.

Prices start from € 2.750

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