It all started in the early 90’s. The smell of melting material, the heat of burning gold and the beauty of creation. These were the triggers that got me intoxicated about jewelry. The creations are a reflection of my creative ideas & dreams. I create jewelry to bring a smile to faces. My creative ideas are often driven and inspired by the small things which make life beautiful. My collections are created with the guidelines, set by the previous generations that led me here. In search of non-existing lines and forms, we try to surprise you with the most newest forms. I hope to meet you during this search for creativity.

Julien, passionate for jewelry

Love led us here


Julien has always had a relationship of love with jewellery and gemstones. The designs combine creativity and excellence into the manufacturing of gold and diamonds, in the Belgian tradition of high-end jewellery. A flamboyant creativity is fully expressed through the original, contemporary, and elegant theme lines of each piece.

Julien, passionate for jewelry

95% is never enough!


The greatest thing, is a truly happy customer. We go for that extra 5%. 95% is never enough! Your smile means gold to us. Julien believes to satisfy you with a honest, direct & open communication. We spread our mission through our creations, guided by our history, passion and culture. Those are the guidelines that leads us to amazing products that you will wear with pride and amazement, and will lead you to happiness.

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