It all began in the early '90s, a time filled with the enchanting aroma of melting materials, the intense heat of molten gold, and the irresistible allure of artistic creation. These elements served as captivating catalysts that entranced my senses and drew me into the world of jewelry.


My creations are a reflection of my creative visions and aspirations. I craft jewelry with the ultimate goal of bringing radiant smiles to those who wear them. My wellspring of inspiration often comes from the seemingly ordinary, yet exquisitely beautiful, nuances that enrich our lives.


Each piece I create pays homage to the time-honored traditions and principles passed down by previous generations, guiding me on my artistic journey. Constantly seeking uncharted lines and forms, I strive to astonish you with the latest innovations. I eagerly look forward to the pleasure of connecting with you on this ongoing quest for boundless creativity.

Julien De Maere
Julien De Maere


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