It all commenced in the early '90s, a period infused with the enchanting aroma of melting materials, the fervent heat of molten gold, and the captivating allure of artistic creation. These elements acted as enchanting catalysts that ensnared my senses within the realm of jewelry.

My creations serve as an embodiment of my creative visions and aspirations. I craft jewelry with the ultimate goal of evoking radiant smiles upon the faces of those who wear them. My wellspring of creative inspiration is often drawn from the seemingly ordinary yet exquisitely beautiful nuances that enrich our lives.

Each piece I forge pays homage to the venerable traditions and principles handed down by preceding generations, guiding me along this artistic path. Continuously in pursuit of uncharted lines and forms, we endeavor to astound you with the latest innovations. I ardently anticipate the pleasure of crossing paths with you amid this ongoing quest for boundless creativity.

Julien De Maere

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